Here’s how we work.

What to expect when you’re building bespoke.


adjective BRITISH
adjective: bespoke
1.(of goods, especially clothing) made to order.
(of a trader) creating made-to-order goods.

Kick-offFirst, we’ll talk about your goals, ideas, and budget to determine if we’re the right builder for you.

Design AgreementOnce we are all confident it’s a good fit, we’ll have you sign a Design Agreement so we can get started!



Next, you’ll sit down with our design group and discuss your style, preferences, and any special features for your house. It usually takes a few rounds of feedback to find just the right design.


Then we’ll work with you to design all the details of your home — from cabinetry and lighting to appliances and flooring. There are a lot of choices involved, but we’ve streamlined this process to be as productive and fun as possible.


When everything is finalized, you’ll sign the Construction Agreement, and it’s time to get rolling!



Once the plans and budget are finalized we just need approvals from the city (if you’re building in town) and your bank to get started.


Now comes the hard part: waiting for the house to actually be built! Throughout the process we’ll do a series of walk-throughs with you to ensure everything is being built to your specifications.


After one last cleaning, it’s time for final approvals and inspection before we hand you the keys.



Before you move in we’ll do a detailed walk-through with you. Together we’ll make a Punch List of anything that needs to be completed or corrected before move in.


Welcome to your new home! Don’t worry, we’ll equip you with a binder full of everything you need to know about taking care of your house.


Every house we build is covered by a one year warranty. We’ll be available to help with any issues that arise and help you get settled in!


Our business has two parts — design and general contracting. Our in-house design and architectural team works hand in hand with our construction team. While we’re happy to provide just design or build services, our true strength lies in taking a project all the way from idea to move-in day. By working together from day one, we’re better able to creatively design solutions that fit your needs, style & budget.

Generally, yes. We’re happy to give you an estimate on building a project you already have designed.

If you’re looking for a house you can move into right away (or in the next couple of months), please take a look at our neighborhood homes. We usually have houses at all stages of construction and some are available for customization.

Building a custom home is a highly personal process and one that does take a significant investment of your time before the construction process can begin. Once we break ground, you can expect to move into your custom home in 5-10 months, depending on the complexity of your project and time of year (we’re occasionally at the mercy of Montana’s weather).

In general, we take on bespoke homes with a budget of $350k-$1M+. As our schedule allows, we will occasionally take on large remodel projects with a minimum budget of $250k.

If your budget is a bit smaller or you don’t require complete customization of your house, our neighborhood homes are a great choice. These houses can still be partially customized, but start at a lower price point than a fully bespoke home.

We also take on occasional light commercial projects--primarily office, medical, and retail space. If you’re looking for a new space for your business, we often have a few suites available for purchase, joint venture, or rental.

Yes! We offer a variety of lots, both in our communities and around town. We sell them as lot-and-home packages, so you do need to build with us.

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