Here’s how we work.

We build curated homes in Helena, Montana.


verb: curate
1.Select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition)

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, our curated homes are a way to buy a carefully planned home without being completely overwhelmed!

Our in-house design team carefully styles your home for you. The design team puts everything from paint colors to lighting together to satisfy every taste with on-trend design themes, so you don’t have to do it.

We have created an assortment of carefully designed homes, and by re-using these plans, we can build more efficiently and cut costs. Our floorplans have several exterior style options, so our neighborhoods don’t feel ‘cookie-cutter.’ Therefore, we only build from our collection.

If you’re looking for a house you can move into right away (or in the next couple of months), please take a look at our inventory of homes. We usually have houses at all stages of construction, and we try to have some that are move-in ready on hand.

We have new homes moving through our pipeline constantly. Each home takes 6-8 months to build, depending on the complexity of the project, time of year (we’re occasionally at the mercy of Montana’s weather), and, you know, COVID.

Sussex curated homes currently cost between between $500,000 - 900,000+. The price depends on the lot price, the size, and the specific finishes selected.

Currently we have no lots available.

We also take on occasional light commercial projects–primarily office, medical, and retail space. If you’re looking for a new space for your business, we often have a few suites available for purchase, joint venture, or rental.

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